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Part 9 - Engine Results

We can now now view the Engine results at the end of each line. These can be shown or hidden using the Engine - Show menu or the Show Engine Results toolbar button:



The results show the depth the engine went to and the score from the engine's perspective in centi pawns. It then show the best move it found at the end of the line and the best response.


You can see here that the engine searched to a depth of 18 and that in the first line it evaluated the position as better for Black and the second line equal.

As you selected to analyse all moves then in the centre panel, you can see moves that the engine preferred:


You can see here that the engine preferred the move c3 on White's 4th move.

Note that if the Analyser application is running, you can update the main screen with the latest results using the Engine - Reload Analysis Results menu or the Reload Analysis Results toolbar button:



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