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Getting Started


Part 7 - Setting up the Engine

Before we launch the engine we will review the Engine Options. These can be displayed using the Engine - Options menu:


You will see this dialog:


We need to first obtain a UCI chess engine and then use this with Lizard Chess. Engines can be added or removed using the + and - buttons.

As an example, we could use StockFish which can be downloaded from

When the engine is downloaded and unzipped we can add it using the + button and then select the executable. Lizard Chess takes a copy and will then use it to carry out analysis.

Note that you can download multiple engines and then choose which one to use by selecting it in this dialog.


The Depth settings specify at what depth the engine should start and stop analysing.

The logging option specifies all messages from the engine go to a text log file. This is only useful if there are problems with the engine.

Part 8

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